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What's a flash drive?

A flash drive is a pocket sized data storage device. It works like a hard disc, is highly reliable and sturdy under normal operating conditions, and it does not have any moving parts that can wear out.

Will a Style Drives USB flash drive work on my computer?

All Style Drives USB flash drives are manufactured to industry standard specifications, using high quality flash memory. Almost all computers, both PC's and MAC's manufactured within the last 5-10 years are equipped with USB ports

How do I operate a Style Drives flash drive?

Plug the flash drive into the USB port and your computer will identify the drive and install any necessary drivers. Then you can drag, drop, or delete your files just as you would on any hard disk or floppy drive. When you want to remove your flash drive, just follow the computer prompts for removing any external devices

Why would I choose a Style Drives flash drive?

Because you want a reliable, high quality flash drive that expresses your personal style and saves your data with "attitude!" A Style Drives flash drive is never ordinary.It makes a great gift, and because each flash drive is unique, your USB flash drive will never get lost in the shuffle.

Can I get a Style Drives flash drive with my company logo?

Absolutely! Send us your logo as a vector art file, either in Adobe Postscript (.eps) or Illustrator (.ai) format. When saving in ".eps" format, please make sure it contains vector art and has not just converted from a raster image (jpeg, bmp, gif, dtc.) Better yet, contact us to let us know what you want- we'll then guide you through this simple process.